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Uncanny Marvel VS Capcom: Gameplay

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1Full Game Uncanny Marvel VS Capcom: Gameplay Thu Dec 13, 2018 6:21 pm



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A Marvel vs Capcom mugen I put together and edited the screenpack, characters, stages, tag system, and more.

I want to release this project because i have edited like 75% of the characters to combo better, so pretty much almost all the chars in there are private edits by me. I have also fixed many character bugs in these edits of mine. I know MVC very well i used to play competitively and still do play it more than anything else.   I FINALLY completed the Marvel side of the roster by adding Wasp in the end, I had to fix her hurtboxes where normal sized characters can actually combo her... so she's kinda like a rocket racoon size or a servebot size now... instead of being practically unhittable lol.  So many private edits here, many private edits on stages n stuff too

So i also want to release this project because this game is insanely fun if you are into MVC, it is better than mvci in every way except that it doesn't have 3D graphics. I REALLY want to play this game online with people using Parsec Gaming program, if you are into MVC this is the funnest and best MVC ever and I wanna share that with everyone and then play online.

PS. it is mugen so never expect PURE perfection, I try to fix every major bug, but there is still minor ones that rarely come up.  all I do is hit that shift + f4 to restart the match.  

the release of the game will be a BETA version that will continuesly be a work in progress.

CAPCOM vs SNK 3 - opening intro - the BEST of the BEST.

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