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Donate & Support Newagemugen! OjtZ7W5
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From the 1990s up until the mid 2000s, there was a  "golden age" of 2D Fighting Games and Arcade Game culture.
In 2005, when we were in our bedrooms making Mugen games and graphics on old broken computers,
Video Game amusement Arcades slowly began closing their doors worldwide.
For the true fans who grew up in the Fighting game Arcade culture, it was a sad time.

We thought this would mean the end of MUGEN and retro 2D fighting game fandom...
Fast forward almost 2 decades later and MUGEN has become a worldwide phenomenon!
Young, old, Fighting game fans, Anime Fans, you name it! The Mugen fan base is diverse and abundant with no sign of stopping!

What kept Newagemugen alive? What's the secret? YOU - our community members, fans, and supporters.
Your generosity & love for graphics & 2D fighting game culture has kept the doors open and the lights on!
Thanks to your selfless generosity and support, we continue doing what we do best - Runnin' the Mugen Underground since 2010!

We are more than a club or a community, we are a family - We don't expect anything in return for running this show lol.
Your enjoyment, positive feedback and participation in the Newagemugen community is all that matters.

Regardless, you awesome guys have insisted on being generous beyond our expectations,
and have transformed Newagemugen into something truly special!
and we appreciate your donations & support from the bottom of our hearts giggle in love
(assuming we have hearts Twisted Evil What a Face )

Running a successful community isn't easy, and it sure as hell isn't free!
All your kind donations received are contributed towards:

- Recurring Newagemugen Domain name registration fees
- forumotion administrative account service & utility fees
- Graphic design resources/software/hardware/data hosting, (everything we use to make this place look snazzy lol).
- Gifting/awarding/prizes/promotional activities to help & thank our members for their work and contribution to the community
- Google analytics/search engine optimization/Social Marketing tools to help promote our site and members mugen work, art & videos.
- Ad blockers to Keep this Forum junk, spam and ad free, and enable the safest environment for you to enjoy mugen
- The occasional coffee & Arizona iced tea to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done lol!
- Anything/Everything else not mentioned that is used to make this place the coolest/dankest mugen forum on the web

Your generosity does not go unnoticed - whether you are a Mugen fan, long term follower of our work, or a content creator, we are more than willing to  use our website, Mugen skills and community to help you out in anyway possible! We are one Mugen family & Real recognize real!
Thanks again guys.

IMPORTANT: Please read our disclaimer before considering gifting a donation to Newagemugen



Donate & Support Newagemugen! XqZWtLC

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